Just got for Christmas, had it set up and started walking by 1/3/12, today 1/12/12, I’m down 6 lbs. I have much more motivation to do other exercise. I will walk on the TrekDesk while working from home at a slow pace. By lunch time, I will go outside for a power walk. I like the fact that I am in motion all day now. I have a desk job. Therefore 8 +hours are spent in front of a computer and now I can be moving the entire work day, leaving the sitting for after the day is done. I’m still getting use the movement and working. Reading and writing emails are easy, listening to conference calls are easy, however I need some practice at reading, walking, talking and thinking all at the same time. Sometimes I need to stop the treadmill to concentrate, but still I am standing or kneeling on exercise ball vs sitting. Ask me again in 6 months. I can’t thank you enough for creating this product. Working from home is a great alternative to commuting and this desk is really helping me stay active. It’s amazing how many miles are walked during a commute to work. Without an exercise plan, 250 calories had been burned daily just by going to work. Without that commute time, and without any other changes to a person’s routine, one can expect 10 lb annual gain. This product will hopefully counter that.
- ED (Boston, MA - Amazon 5 Stars)