I love this desk. It has saved my job and given me my life back! 5 + stars! Are you sure you want to stop at 5? I’d give it 10 stars. While maintaining my waistline has been a lovely side effect, that’s NOT why I bought this desk. I am a freelance editor who was working 60 plus hours a week up until a few months ago. I developed back problems that were exacerbated by my working so much hunched over my desk. I purchased this desk for ergonomic reasons, as typing and completing my work while walking enables me to do my job without my spine contracting. This is an ergonomic MIRACLE for someone like me, and I cannot say thank you enough!Again, there are no words to say thank you for an invention like this. I was combing the Internet looking for a way to return to my job and my hectic work schedule without compromising my recovery. I’m one of those people who loves my job, and the idea of having to change careers because I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain when I was sitting and typing…Well, I can’t begin to tell you what a welcome relief this desk is. I thank you, and my clients thank you!
- AW (Robbinsville, NJ - Amazon 5 Stars)