Love my TrekDesk! Best money I've ever spent! I've lost 8 lbs but weight loss was not the reason I purchased a TrekDesk. Purchased it to be physically healthier and to improve my focusing ability (I have ADHD and it has helped tremendously!) I also have a chronic, incurable illness (lupus) and wanted to find a gentle, less painful way to gain higher endurance and energy level. Other benefits I've notices: Firmer legs and butt! Higher metabolism. Low back pain completely gone. I like the fact that I can be completely productive at work while getting my exercise at the same time. It has freed up a lot of time that I used to spend walking. I absolutely love my TrekDesk! I'm a financial advisor and I show it to all of my clients when they come in to meet with me. Most are very intrigued and many have asked for more info on the TrekDesk. I've had mine for 2 years now and it's still like brand new, even with daily use!
- BL (Waterford, WI- Amazon 5 Stars)