Well, I am happy to say my husband surprised me with a new TrekDesk as one of my gifts this Christmas! We just set it up and it was a breeze to put together. This is an excellently designed unit! Once assembled, it is sturdy but yet lightweight enough that it can be easily moved back and forth as desired. We have a large Precor treadmill (32" wide) and there is still plenty of room on either side. The height is adjustable... so to answer Amy Patricia Kramer Hawks question, I think this should fit around any treadmill out there. I am a computer game enthusiast (Castleville) and do spend much more time playing than I'd like to admit. But now, with my new TrekDesk, I am walking and BURNING CALORIES as I play instead of wasting time sitting with my laptop !!! What a way to take the guilt away! I started my Weight Reduction/Castleville Fitness Program today and took the usual data for recording my progress. I walked for one hour, while playing my game, and burned 218 calories at a 2.3 pace with 0 incline. Obviously not a P90 experience but it's better than what I would have done which was just to sit and play! One thing we did notice is if you want to increase the incline as you "work" you should set the desk height high enough for the machine to elevate before you start your workout. So, in closing, I just wanted to say Thank You Steve!!! I am so excited about this great product. Before my new TrekDesk, I actually used bungie cords to attach my laptop to the treadmill control section. It worked but was a hassle. Now, it couldn't be any easier! I know this is just Perfect for me!!!
- JK (Facebook Review)