After the holiday season of 2011, I coined the phrase "Walking in a Data Wonderland" after the similarly-titled holiday tune. January 2012 the TREKDESK was installed as my primary in-office workstation; the main scope of my work is scientific data-processing, so sitting at a computer was over-time expanding my waistline dramatically! I'm a young professional, but my family history is heavy with cases of chronic illnesses associated with obesity and didn't want to resign to the inevitability of such predispositions; I wanted a vibrant life with energy and good health, but I found that drudging to gym nightly was difficult and uninspiring. The TREKDESK proved a good mandate: I have to work, so therefore, I walk. The quality and size of the desk allows for plenty of work space and fits my double-monitor set-up nicely. I rarely resort to caffeine in the afternoon, because I no longer experience post-lunch "brain fog," and my work efficiency has improved dramatically! I've been walking over a year now and feel amazing! Initially, I was 35lbs heavier, at a size 18/22W; now I'm a size 12/14 and still loosing about 1lb per week. My doctors, friends, and work associates are amazed at my transformation, yet I didn't dramatically change my diet, or workout excessively outside of walking at work on average of 3.5 miles a day. I maintained the TREKDESK suggested 1-1.3mph momentum, and would adjust the treadmill incline if my weight loss plateau-ed. I did the math and I walked approximately 900 miles last year! I recently had to replace my initial second-hand treadmill,(since I walked it into the ground) and I am grateful the TREKDESK design is separate from the treadmill! I think the TREKDESK is awesome and would recommend it to any person working in an office environment who has a door to their office workspace (treadmill noise is repetitious and can be distracting to others, although it's really easy to talk on the phone and no one is the wiser). I'm excited to embark on another walk to New Jersey from Florida in 2013.
- JF (Amazon 5 Stars)