WORTH EVERY PENNY! I've used a small makeshift shelf for awhile on my treadmill, but I decided to treat myself to this TrekDesk after eyeing it for two years. What a luxury to write on my laptop with this desk! There's lots of room to spread out research materials, papers, etc. I really enjoy using it. I didn't purchase it earlier because I was worried it might be too complicated to put together, unstable and/or not fit my 25 year old treadmill. It turns out there was nothing to worry about. While others have commented it was unstable I certainly haven't experienced that. Assembly was a little difficult, but between reading the directions and watching the video I was able to put it together myself. It takes a lot of open floor space to assemble. If you, like me, have to assemble it in a room other than the one with the treadmill, then don't put the bottom half of the legs on until you move it otherwise you can't fit it through the door. I learned that the hard way! Count me a happy customer.
- RG (Amazon 5 Stars)