Summary:  Scientists have found that regardless of a healthy diet, chronic work related stress and inactivity have been linked to work place increases in obesity and related costs. Exercise was shown to be the most beneficial treatment both for stress and weight loss.


Chicken or egg theorists have long debated the cause of obesity: lack of exercise or unhealthy diets. Mix in chronic stress at work and the argument gets a little hazier. A recent study focusing on workplace wellness has discovered chronic job stress and sedentary occupations have a strong correlation with obesity despite a healthy diet. Walking has been shown as an effective exercise reducing levels of stress and obesity at work. TrekDesk Treadmill desk allows employees to do both while they work.


Stress at the office

The study out of the University of Rochester Medical Center focused on 2,762 employees at a large manufacturing facility. Measuring psychosocial work conditions via detailed questionnaires they were able to measure work related stress levels. A number of employees were also involved in comprehensive nutrition and exercise programs over a two year period.

Employees working in the highest stress occupations showed a universally higher BMI increase than lower stress jobs at the facility during the course of the study regardless of diet. The study also found that exercise was the most effective means of managing stress levels and maintaining a healthy weight.

Lead researcher, Dr. Diana Fernandez stated that this study is one of many associating high levels of employment stress with increases in cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety, fatigue and weight gain.

The writing is on the wall for corporate America, health care costs are crippling our competitiveness globally. We either fix this problem now or accept a lower position in the world.