The National Institutes of Health funded a study to measure the effects of walking on mood and energy levels. The results may motivate you to take the first steps towards changing your health, your life and your overall mood.

If you are among the millions of Americans who work a sedentary job and have little time to walk during the day a treadmill desk may be the answer you are searching for.

430 sedentary, overweight or obese women participated in the study. They were divided into four groups ranging from no physical activity to 3 hours of exercise per week. Keep in mind that with a treadmill desk employees can walk 8-10 hours in a single day, 3x the amount that study participants completed in a week.



Energy Recharge from Walking at Work

After a six month study the results showed a striking improvement in the mood and attitude of the groups that were exercising. Energy and happiness levels were greatest among the group that walked a mere 3 hours per week. More importantly the overall health and mood improved for all three active groups regardless of whether they lost weight.

Another study out of the University of Illinois found a 15% increase in memory skills and focus over just a six month period among test subjects who engaged in daily walking programs versus the sedentary control group. Yet another study showed a 43% increase in the development of small blood vessels in the brain over a 12 month period due to daily walking programs.

Let's summarize for a moment. Walking has been shown to increase memory and focus as well as dramatically increase blood flow to the brain. While we could not yet find a study that measured individual productivity it does stand to reason that walking during the day represents a significant advantage in terms of health and mental abilities required to perform daily work tasks.

The message is clear and proven in many studies that our bodies need constant motion for physical and mental health as well. A treadmill desk offers employees the ability to complete their work tasks at a more efficient level while enhancing the overall health.