Reached a stage in your life where energy levels have declined, strength is waning, and there just isn't enough time in the day to take care of business and then take care of yourself? Treadmill desks offer a unique solution.


Women's Health Increased by Walking at Work

Treadmill desks allow women to walk all day while they work at slow speeds without sweating. Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day (achievable in 2.5 -3 hours on a treadmill desk) offers a tremendous amount of benefits to women's health. Listed below are just a few of the benefits described in detail in TrekDesk's website. All of these benefits have been documented by numerous studies by leading medical authorities and institutions world wide:

  1. Stimulates Weight Loss (burn 800-1600 calories daily)
  2. Boosts Productivity Levels
  3. Boosts Energy Levels
  4. Improves Mood
  5. Restores Health
  6. Boosts Memory Capacity 15% in 6 Months
  7. Prevents Breast Cancer
  8. Prevents Heart Disease
  9. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes
  10. Boosts Good Cholesterol Levels
  11. Decreases Bad Cholesterol Levels
  12. Boosts Metabolism
  13. Increases Libido (Sex Drive)
  14. Reduces Risk of Contracting Colds and Flu
  15. Decreases Amount of Annual Sick Days
  16. Lowers Cost of Health Care
  17. Prevents Depression
  18. Adds Hours to Your Day- More Time with Family
  19. Prevents Osteoporosis
  20. Decreases Likelihood of Knee or Hip Surgery
  21. Strengthens Back Muscles
  22. Improves Overall Fitness
  23. Sharpens Focus
  24. Prevents Gall Stones
  25. Natural Form of Detox
  26. Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer
  27. Lowers Blood Pressure Levels
  28. Prevents Pancreatic Cancer
  29. Reduces Risk of Stroke

As previously mentioned, this is a partial list. We encourage you to read in detail the many studies we have excerpted on the TrekDesk site illustrating the tremendous impact daily walking has on women's health.