Gout is an inflammatory disease and a form of arthritis caused by years of uric acid crystal buildups in joints and surrounding tissues causing acute pain and swelling often in the big toe.



Gout Prevention with Exercise

The number one prevention technique is weight control through exercise. Yo yo dieting and fasting actually causes a rise in uric acid levels and contributes to increases in the risk of gout.

Physicians advise patients to keep their weight in a normal range (BMI) in relation to their height through moderate exercise such as walking. However, most American's fall far short of exercise goals for a variety of reasons.

To be successful exercise must be automatic and consistent. By automatic we mean that you should not have to motivate yourself to do it. Treadmill desks are a perfect appliication. Once you assign your work duties to a treadmill desk you do not have to give it a second thought. Just turn on the treadmill and walk while you work. Simple as that. No sweat: you walk at slow speeds and reap the health benefits.

Treadmill desks help you keep gout at bay by fostering weight loss. You can burn between 800-1400 calories daily equating to 1-3 pounds of weight loss per week.

Gout prevention is just one of the many wonders offered by daily walking so if you are challenged to fit in a minimum of 5 miles walking per day give a treadmill desk a try. Your health may depend upon it.