Obese women were shown to have an elevated risk of delivering babies with serious birth defects in a study published in the Journal of American Medicine in February 2009. Obesity has reached alarming levels in the United States and employers and employees are turning to treadmill desks to combat this trend.

While it has been known that obese pregnancies can lead to gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, blod clots, infections and a higher risk of Cesarean deliveries this was the first study to document the correlation with severe birth defects.

This offers a greater incentive for women who are anticipating a pregnancy to start a program of exercise. Treadmill desks allow them to achieve their goals while working.

The rate of risks ranged among from 30% to 200% for numerous potential defects sounding an alarm to encourage women to get their weight under control before contemplating a pregnancy.

America's obesity problem has been shown to be directly related to our sedentary lifestyles. This recent report is reason enough for many employees to get out of their office chairs and move through out the day.