We are constantly reminded about the need for exercise to get our heart and blood moving for optimum health but there is another important area that does not get as much attention. Our Lymph system.



Detox Through Diet and Exercise

Think of your Lymph Nodes as the body's cleansing detox station, an area that clears poisons and toxins that build up over time. Research has shown that if we aren't moving our lymph systems are inactive. That means the more we sit, the more the body store poisons and toxins. Conversely, movement activates natural detox mechanisms in the body. Treadmill desks are a great tool to keep the body in motion continually. Treadmill desks make movement automatic and keep the body moving at a pace it can handle for extended periods of time.

It truly is amazing how much the body needs to stay in motion and how little walking an average person undertakes in a day. The good news is that a day spent working at a TrekDesk treadmill desk will accomplish all of your necessary walking and natural detox needs without a second thought or a drain on your diminishing time, and without excessive effort. Just turn on the treadmill and go to work the TrekDesk treadmill desk does the rest!

Back to the Lymph System. How important is it? The lymphatic system is a very important network of vessels and nodes (more than 600) that flow thru the entire body. Its main jobs are regulating fluids, distributing proteins and filtering out foreign substances (toxins) from the interstitial fluid (the fluid between the cells). This is defined as a the body's natural detox mechanism.

In addition, the tonsils, thymus and spleen are all part of the lymphatic system as well as the immune system. Keeping the body moving by walking at a treadmill desk activates this natural detox mechanism.

Want a stronger immune system? Go to work at your TrekDesk treadmill desk daily and walk and detox your way back to health.