Alright, this should get the men up off the couch. Scientific studies are finding a direct correlation to how much DOWN time you spend sitting vs. the quality and duration of your UP time.

According to a Harvard Study published in the August 2003 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, exercise such as walking (encouraged by treadmill desks) can add years to a man's sex life and lower chances of impotence.

Men who exercise 3-5 hours a week have 30% less risk of becoming impotent and reported improved erections.

The study also said that regular exercise, such as walking, can keep a man sexually active 10 years longer than the average man. An extra decade of virility for just using your TrekDesk treadmill desk for just an hour a day? What are you waiting for? Get walking, get a treadmill desk.

Yet another study out of the Boston University, conducted by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, found that simply walking an extra 2 miles each day significantly reduced the incidence of impotence in middle aged men. Those who did not exercise yet engaged in other health measures such as smoking cessation, abstinence from heavy alcohol or obesity did NOT reduce the risk of impotence. So keep up the healthy life style for all the other reasons but put in that 2 mile walk (less than 2 hours time at your TrekDesk treadmill desk) for your significant other.