We have all started an exercise regime more than once in our lives or a diet plan then fell off the wagon. What went wrong? Usually our expectations. Walking with a treadmill desk can change all of that.



Never Give Up! Keep Moving!

When we first start to exercise we replace fat tissue with lean muscle and actually increase weight. This is discouraging for most and many tend to believe they are wasting their time. Rather than experience the pain of failure many stop trying.

Walking with a treadmill desk is a no lose proposition. You work everyday anyway, you are just walking now instead of sitting. It works as simple as that.

The facts are that you can improve your cardiovascular fitness and reduce your risk for heart disease by exercising without losing weight. Keep that in mind during the first 6-8 weeks of using a TrekDesk treadmill desk in the event the pounds aren't coming off as fast as you thought. Also, keep in mind that your health is stabilizing and your ability to ward off disease is enhanced by walking with a treadmill desk.

If you were forced to walk 4 miles to work and 4 more miles to return home every day your fitness level would soar, along with your self esteem, energy levels, and ability to combat disease/stress. Who has time for that in our busy lives however? Anyone who walks with a TrekDesk treadmill desk.

Be patient, walk your way through your work day. Take it slowly and do as much as is comfortable to you. You are getting stronger every day even if you do not notice it initially. Remember, small daily gains are what make the difference.

Stay loose, the weight will come off. Some faster than others but this is not a race. Be content to know that your health is improving with every step that you take. Weight loss is just an added perk walking with a treadmill desk.