Summary: An individual’s DNA is not cast in stone according to recent studies reported in the journal Cell Metabolism. When inactive employees exercise it has been proven that it produces an immediate positive effect on their DNA.


DNA: Healthier the More We Move

The reprogramming of DNA was once relegated to the realm of science fiction and block buster movies however recent research has shown it may be a simple as a daily walk. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism has found that normally sedentary individuals experience an almost immediate change in DNA when engaging in exercise. In essence the body shifts production of cells towards muscle tissue as opposed to adipose tissue. The challenge for most is finding time to engage in physical activity when confined to a desk job. TrekDesk treadmill desk hopes to offer a solution to the problem.

DNA molecules within muscle tissue experience a chemical and structural alteration when our bodies are put in motion researchers found. These modifications appear to lead to a genetic reprogramming of muscle tissue and ultimately a positive effect on metabolism and overall health.  Scientists believe that this adaptive ability allows cellular DNA to adapt to environmental changes and much more quickly than first believed.

Previous studies have shown that inactive individuals may produce as much as 50% more fat cells than individuals engaged in daily movement and exercise. “This should be encouraging to any individual who felt that their health or body condition was pre-destined due to genetics,” state Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “The challenge now is to find ways to incorporate movement through out the day in a society that has grown ever more sedentary.”