What Customers are Saying

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY TREKDESK! I've had it 7 days now and have walked for over 3 hours.. now that may not seem like a lot but I was only in the office for 3 days and in the grand scheme of things is a full 3 hours I would of been sitting at my desk getting frustrated and stiff. I feel great after wal....  Read more - TG (Northamptom, MA - Amazon 5 Stars)

LOVE IT! A lot bigger than expected .... but love it! AL (Amazon 5 Stars)

VERY GOOD UNIT. IT'S EASY TO PUT TOGETHER! Very good unit. I'ts easy to put together. I bought it for my wife to study while walking and she loves it. TM (Rochester, MN = Amazon 5 Stars)

MY RHEUMATOLOGIST IS AMAZED AT HOW IMPROVED I AM! This is the only desk I have....got rid of the old desk! Sitting for 8 - 10 hrs a day was taking a toll on me, hips hurt and it was miserable standing up after sitting for a couple of hours. Got the TrekDesk and boy have things changed. I started out....  Read more - KC (Red Oak, TX - Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST STANDING DESK FOR YOUR $1: Over the years I have invested in many personal productivity tools. By far, my TrekDesk is one of the most effective tools I have ever purchased. I have worked on many standing desks that were far more expensive. I have found my TrekDesk so useful that it is now my pr....  Read more - BD (Blacklick, OH - Amazon 5 Stars)

SOLID! Big Fan. I have had mine for over four years. Good for holding my computer monitors while walking. Solid product. MS (Henderson, NV - Amazon 5 Stars)

MUST HAVE FOR COMPUTER PEOPLE AND TECHIES! I absolutely love my TrekDesk. I've had this one for 3 years. Never want to be without it. I know that I'm either standing or walking all day when I work (from home). My business is very online and virtual. Without this desk I would weigh 300 pounds easily ....  Read more - VV (Saint Charles, MO - Amazon 5 Stars)

LIFE CHANGING DESK! HUGE fan of this desk... This has changed the way I do business. My job is sedentary and I have spend the last 8 years sitting at a desk. I sit when I work, I sit when I drive to a meeting, I sit during a meeting.. like many I end my day mentally exhausted versus physically exhau....  Read more - KR (Sinking Springs, PA - Amazon 5 Stars)

I LOVE IT! I LOVE my TrekDesk! I've had it for nearly about 1.5 years and an office move at work, it is still very sturdy. I use it over a basic treadmill that I bought on sale as I never walk above the slow speed. It took me a day or two to get the hang of it but now I can't imagine being at the of....  Read more - LC (Honolulu, HI - Amazon 5 Stars)

It MADE ME NICER! I love my treadmill desk! I work every day on the phone and computer constantly. Since getting my treadmill desk, I've been told my disposition is better. I knew my posture and health would inevitably improve, but was shocked to hear that my everyday happiness improved. That was so....  Read more - JG (Statham, GA - Amazon 5 Stars)

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