What Customers are Saying

AN EXTREMELY GOOD BUY! The Trekdesk is very sturdy, and unlike most other adjustable-height desks, it is narrow enough in the center that you are not pushed to the far back of the treadmill. This is a terrific buy for people who already have a treadmill and wish to incorporate it into their sedentar....  Read more - KH (State College, PA - Amazon 5 Stars)

TREKDESK. Once I got the desk assembled I really liked it and have been using it exclusively for 3 years as my desk. I don't always walk on the treadmill but find even standing is much better for my back. The instructions could be better for assembling, but I generally dislike assembling anything. ....  Read more - KR (Amazon 3 Stars)

Awesome Product But My Apartment is Too Small for the Size of the Desk!This is a great quality product that I was hoping to use while I work, but my work space is too small to accommodate the desk. Desk is easy to assemble and has multiple level transitions to fit your treadmill comfortably. There i....  Read more - TA (Amazon 5 Stars)

LOVE IT MIGHT NOT COVER IT! This desk has it all! It took a bit of time/effort to put together, but was definitely worth it! Just wish they sold it in black or dark grey as well. Fits nicely over my treadmill. JH (Phoenix, AZ - Amazon 5 Stars)

MY LEGS ARE LOVING IT! Happy with purchase. Item is well packaged, it arrived in excellent condition. Many screws to assemble unit. Preferably need use of a power drill. Easy to assemble, instructions are straight forward. The desk is sturdy and a great value for the price, specially if it comes wit....  Read more - BB (Canada - Amazon 5 Stars)

BUY & USE! Especially If You Have Hand Pain From Computer Use. I've been using this for about 6 - 8 months now. It has held up, works well, and has made me hurt much less than sitting. God Bless whoever ... KGS (Minneapolis, MN - Amazon 5 Stars)

Great Way to Get Off My Butt While Still Working. Very practical way to get some exercise while working. This works great, it was easy to set up (took less than 30 Min) & I can take a "walk break" for an hour or so while still working. JR (Colorado - Amazon 5 Stars)

"CHRISTMAS GIFT MUST! The TrekDesk ROCKS!" My husband purchased this for me for my 40th birthday and it is SO EASY to use and makes getting your 10,000 steps so easy, not to mention, burns a ton of calories painlessly. He's spreading the word through his blog, Browdering.com and I'm spreading the w....  Read more - AB (Cedar Park, TX - Facebook Review 5 Stars)

A Writer's Dream Desk! Let's face it, If you have a sit-down job, you're prone to an unhealthy future for your body. As a professional ghostwriter of books as a full time job ( https://WriterServices.net ), I could easily fall into this category. I do make it to the gym fairly often, but not enough ....  Read more - RN (Amazon 5 Stars)

I am an American and have been living overseas for around 17 years. I work from home. A few years ago I read John Medina's 'Brain Rules'. The first thing he talks about is exercise. At the time, the only treadmill desk I could find was $4,000. I the interim, I tried various versions of standing desk....  Read more - SL (Saudi Arabia - Facebook Mail)

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