What Customers are Saying

I use the Trek Desk every day that I am not traveling for work. It helps me get much more exercise during the day when I would typically be sitting at my desk. My highest day was an 18 mile day and I have walked as much as 170 miles in a 30 day period. I can work on my computer, participate in we....  Read more - LN (Lindon, UT - Amazon 5 Stars)

Not a weight loser. My weight is at a healthy range. I do not use the TrekDesk for weight control though I have noticed that I have not had to work as hard at maintaining my weight. I have written about the TrekDesk for last issue of Environmental Nutrition and for an upcoming issue of a publication....  Read more - JW (Yorktown, VA -Amazon 5 Star)

I would rate my experience with the TrekDesk a 4.5 as I believe there is always room for improvement (with anything. I have only lost 15 lbs but it wasn't until just recently (August 2011) that I actually began using the TrekDesk consistently ... It's normal for people to feel overwhelmed when tryin....  Read more - TH (Independence, IN - Amazon 4.5 Stars)

As an endurance athlete who works in an office its a great health and cross training option, it makes my perception of being on my feet running through the woods/trails for 30+miles seem easier, considering I am on it 8hrs a day at our studio. Since its walking its great low impact and natural (we a....  Read more - JS (San Leandro, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)

Better posture, weight loss, no longer fatigued during the day, no longer have an afternoon “slump”. Standing for me is more comfortable than sitting all day and I think it keeps me more alert. I find the work station easily assessable and easy to maneuver while walking, talking and typing. My ....  Read more - DL (St. Paul, MN - Amazon 5 Stars)

I am probably one of your most enthusiastic supporter for the TrekDesk. I did want to say, I love my TrekDesk and I simply have to learn that sitting is the enemy! DD (Conway, MA - Amazon 5 Stars)

When I first came across the TrekDesk advertisement online, I thought “Wow, how wild is that?” I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went back online to read review and watched the videos of current customers. I wanted one! I made the commitment and my husband reorganized my home office to a....  Read more - AR (Lake Mary, FL - Amazon 5 Stars)

I’ve been using TrekDesk since April, 2009. I average about 15 miles a day on it and my record has been 21 miles in a day when I had a lot of things come up that demanded my attention at the office. Feel solid energy levels through the day after 6 month transition. Tone in legs. I feel better a....  Read more - KS (Boise, ID - Amazon 5 Stars)

Sleep less, feel better, more energy, more focus, better feeling about life since I no longer sit for a living. And end to the sedentary lifestyle. Low cost. Exact right solution for the job. Long work phone calls while walking. I love finishing a work day and thinking "I walked 4 hours today." I ea....  Read more - SL (Mountclair, NJ - Amazon 5 Stars)

Just got for Christmas, had it set up and started walking by 1/3/12, today 1/12/12, I’m down 6 lbs. I have much more motivation to do other exercise. I will walk on the TrekDesk while working from home at a slow pace. By lunch time, I will go outside for a power walk. I like the fact that I am....  Read more - ED (Boston, MA - Amazon 5 Stars)

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