What Customers are Saying

I'm walking as much as I have to do at my computer. Monday was a couple hours. Tuesday I was on the road all day. Wednesday I spent about 6 hours walking (Your tired but you feel gooooooood about it). I'm former Army Infantry and this IS the best thing anyone can do for themselves period. TM (Facebook Review)

I'm all set up in San Diego and I'm lovin' it! For those of you concerned about cost, its a small investment in your health and well being. CK (San Diego, CA - Facebook Review)

I have a bulged & a herniated disc in my back. I purchased this TrekDesk & now feel better then ever. I sleep much better at night. NM (Cincinnati, OH - Facebook Review)

I LOVE my Trek Desk! I average 2.5 to 3 miles per day. Down 8 lbs in a month without changing my eating habits. Best thing is my 'mouse shoulder' pain is GONE (unless I sit at a computer for a few minutes). Lower back pain is greatly reduced. More energy. LOVE IT!!! DR (Colorado Springs, CO - Facebook Review)

I used to do General Surgery but quit about a year ago and took an administrative job that allowed me to work from home. The sitting almost made me sick in the first six months. Found out about the TrekDesk from a colleague and have been using it daily since. This is the greatest idea ever! Trying t....  Read more - Dr. J.A. (Chandler, AZ - Facebook Review)

We have had two in our office suite for 6 months now. We have them available for anyone in our office to use, so I like to use one for about an hour in the afternoon while I catch up on some emails. MH (Facebook Review)

I started walking on my treadmill using my Trekdesk at work on Aug 1st and so far I've walked 54 miles (in one month)! I'm using Google pedometer and I started in Salt Lake and have walked to Nephi. I'm heading south and will see how far I get. KH (Salt Lake City, UT - Facebook Review)

I had this desk installed in my office exactly a month ago. I love it. People may make fun of you but it's your health. I walked at least 3 miles a day at 1.3 MPH. CJ (Louisville, KY -Facebook Review)

Love my TrekDesk!! I'm a financial advisor/estate planning specialist and have been using it for 2 months. The results are amazing! I've slimmed down a bit and my focus has greatly improved! I'm also sleeping better and my digestive system problems have all but disappeared! Everyone should work like....  Read more - YL (Waterford, WI- Facebook Review)

My God, what a life-changing event. I am going to nursing school and have to read incredibly boring textbooks for hours on end. I set the TrekDesk very high so the reading material is perfectly in view. No more dozing off and trancing out while reading. For me, this is the most amazing thing about t....  Read more - Hugh (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

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