What Customers are Saying

Desk took about an hour for my husband to assemble with no problems. I've been using this desk about 8 hours a day or more for my remote home office for past 2 weeks and love this desk. I sat for my job in front of the computer for past 6 years and had back/shoulder pain which is all gone now. Desk ....  Read more - NG (South Carolina -Amazon Review 5 Stars)

We have 2 TrekDesks in the office right now! Love them:) CR (Sylvania, OH - Facebook Review)

If you don't have one - buy one. I love mine. JW (Yorktown, VA - Facebook Review)

After 30 days using the TrekDesk, I’ve walked 175 miles instead of sitting slumped in a chair while doing my computer work and watching TV. Walking 1.5-2mph, I have no problems typing (in fact I’m walking right now, 1.8mph). I’ve already dropped 5 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, get to slee....  Read more - (Online review site) 

I love my TrekDesk I've incorporated it into my work station. My back pain from sitting is relieved. My lower leg edema is relieved. I am feeling better when I am at home. Living example of what I am trying to accomplish. Let's see how I trend over the next 12 months! GS (Kodiak, AK -Facebook Review)

I love it. I have more energy. People say won’t you be tired? But no my blood is circulating all day long and I am more energetic. I can focus better. It feels good. I also feel good about myself because I am getting my activity in instead of sitting. It’s been great. Dr. NK, Indiana University School of Physical Ed. ( Inside Indiana Business Interview )

First review I've ever written. Got the TrekDesk a few days ago. It's everything I could ask for in a treadmill desk. Sturdy, solid, doesn't shake, has cup holders, places for wires, you name it. BS (Washington DC - Amazon.com 5 Stars)

I absolutely love my TrekDesk!! Set-up took my husband and I about 30-40 minutes (similar to other furniture assembly) so not complicated. Adjusting the height over my treadmill took us a couple of tries, but only because I wanted to ensure I was comfortable as this is my primary desk now. I work fu....  Read more - Nat (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

This desk has CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I received it as a gift for my birthday and now cannot ever imagine going back to working exclusively at a seated desk. Three weeks ago I was sedentary every day. The day that I assembled the desk I walked almost 5 miles. I walk, on average, between 3 and 5 miles dai....  Read more - LS (Canada - Email Review)

I absolutely love my new Trekdesk! I was concerned about some of the reviews that said it was unstable. I disagree, I love it! I have two monitors on my desk and several other items. I am able to write, type and talk on the phone. The size it great! I am able to have my keyboard, mouse, 2 monitors, ....  Read more - Bear (Eau Claire, WI - Amazon.com - 5 Stars)

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