What Customers are Saying

GREAT DESK, WORKS AS DESCRIBED! Have been using my Trek Desk now for about 2 weeks. Really nice design and reasonably easy assembly. I am able to walk at a pace of 1.5 to 2, I am about 85% as efficient as sitting. But I am getting better all the time. Getting everything in place will help even more.....  Read more - RW (Clarksburg, WV - Amazon 5 Stars)

WORKS GREAT AS PART OF OUR WELLNESS PROGRAM! I purchased to TrekDesk as part of our wellness program at work. We did not have enough in the budget to buy the models that come all together, nor did we have the space. However, it was easy to get a treadmill donated that was not being used and just tak....  Read more - LP (Louisville, CO - Amazon 5 Stars)

GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT....IDEAL STANDING WORKSTATION! I ordered this from the TrekDesk website when Amazon was "out of stock" .. I use it with my Sole F85 Tredmill... The desk stands on its own "straddling" the treadmill "arms" and deck... I operate the controls by reaching over the desk to the panel....  Read more - SM (Raleigh, NC - Amazon 5 Stars)

MOST COMFORTABLE DESK I HAVE EVER OWNED! I wish I didn't wait so long to buy this desk. It is sturdy and so ergonomically right-on. I can easily reach everything on my desk and it DOESN'T SHAKE! A friend of mine has a knock-off (not TrekDesk). Hers is shaky and she doesn't even use it anymore. I wal....  Read more - CS (Milton, GA - Amazon 5 Stars)

IT WORKS GREAT, LOTS OF ROOM AND SOME GREAT FEATURES. Wow. My wife wanted one of those treadmills with the built in desk and it was 3,000.00 dollars. This product enabled us to use our existing treadmill. It works great, lots of room and some great features. As I was assembling it, I noticed that it....  Read more - JB (Spring, TX -Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST. PURCHASE. EVER! I am a therapist and have been sitting for a living for 25+years. And, I had a hip replacement 1 year ago. Sitting for long periods isn't healthy and now, post hip replacement I feel better moving. I do all of administrative work at home. Since getting my TrekDesk 2 months ago....  Read more - DG (Alaska - 5 Stars)

FAB DESK TO AVOID SITTING ALL DAY! I am loving my new trek desk! I am home-based and typically travel a fair amount but recently I changed jobs and the new job requires 12 weeks of home study. The thought of doing nothing but sitting for 12 solid weeks did not thrill me. I have a treadmill and thou....  Read more - VJ (Murfreesboro, TN - Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST INVESTMENT EVER! My boss at work bought me the TrekDesk at the end of February 2015. I started using it on March 2nd. I average 6-7 hours a day walking on it. I have lost 27 pounds in 4 weeks along with eating healthy. My energy level has tripled, I sleep 100% better and overall just FEEL bette....  Read more - JS (Vancouver, WA - Amazon 5 Stars)

HEALTHY SOLUTION FOR TECHNICAL WORKERS! I had wanted to order one of these desks since seeing a show (20/20 or something like it) where a doctor and his entire staff used treadmills while they worked and saw patients. I have a computer-based job at home and spent way too much time sitting in my cha....  Read more - CF (Brigantine, NJ - Amazon 5 Stars)

I LOVE MY NEW TREKDESK! I am able to exercise, get caught up on email and grading all at the same time! I am in better shape, have lost weight and now look forward to getting my grading done! CF (Barre, VT - Amazon 5 Stars)

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