According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America more than 40 million US adults (18.1) of the population suffer some sort of anxiety disorder making it the most common mental illness in the country today. Although it is classified as a mental condition it often has its roots in physical factors such as chronic stress.




Relieving Anxiety with Exercise

The cost of anxiety to our health care system is more than $42 billion a year nearly a full third of the entire mental health costs however the business and personal costs go far beyond this in lost productivity and life challenges.

What is anxiety? Stated simply anxiety exists when worries, doubts and fears interfere with an individuals day to day normal ability to function.

Many factors can cause anxiety and if you suspect that you are suffering from an anxiety condition we strongly urge that you first consult with your physician before attempting to launch into any self cures.

However, if you are advised that your conditions are stress related than a program of daily walking may benefit you immensely. Often poor health leads to poor exercise habits and after a period of years an illness of the body becomes an illness of the mind. Treadmill desks can put an individual back on the path of physical and mental health restoration.

Walking has been shown to reduce stress by reducing the amount of cortisol released into the body and by increasing positive substances such as dopamine which have a calming and mood elevating effect on the mind as well.

Many individuals are challenged to find time to care for their health properly. Treadmill desks offer a unique solution, allowing an individual to lose weight, restore health, boost productivity, improve their mood, and prevent disease; all without any additional time out of their day.