TrekDesk lets you add a desk to your treadmill

New research focuses on the dangers of sleep deprivation and steps to prevent their effect on health.

By Kathleen Green-Dallas Morning News

Do you find it impossible to exercise while working a 40-hour week?

From the Why Didn't I Think of That? department comes TrekDesk.

 The full-size desk is designed to straddle a treadmill and keep workers on their feet while noses stay close to the grindstone.

Phoenix entrepreneur Steve Bordley started tinkering with the idea of combining work and workouts about two years ago when an accident left him with lingering health problems and extra weight. He mused about the millions of idle treadmills nationwide collecting dust. Thus, TrekDesk was born, though similar accessories are also on the market.

"In the first two months, my back problems went away," he says about getting into a routine of using the TrekDesk. And he lost 21 pounds.

The desk features cup holders, an upright manuscript holder, a horizontal filing system and room for a computer, a keyboard and a phone.