TrekDesk treadmill desks have gained a lot of national notoriety in the past two years as a means for employees to restore health, prevent disease, increase productivity and boost mood. However a Hall of Fame Radio DJ with KEAN in Abilene, Texas offered a different take last week. TrekDesk, he says, may be just the ticket to keeping this year’s New Year’s health resolutions.

Rudy Fernandez, radio host with KEAN radio, famous for charity fund raising events totaling more than $1.5 million during his career, knew the value of the TrekDesk the moment he saw it. “There’s a new desk that is transforming offices all across America, it’s called the TrekDesk and it appears to be helping many Americans with one popular New Year’s Resolution - weight loss. Losing weight is the most popular resolution, but now we have help from a simple piece of office furniture, a stand up desk that incorporates the electric treadmill.” Read the review discussing the benefits of a "workout at work".