A study out of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has shown yet another major risk factor for obese individuals: the flu. The report raised significant alarms in relation to the new H1N! swine flu virus stating that obese patients are at increased risk from severe complications and death from the virus.



Doctor Exam for the Flu: Obesity Increases Risk

The report detailed cases of ten patients in a Michigan hospital who became so ill they had to be placed on ventilators. Three died, nine of the ten were obese. The CDC lead virus expert Dr. Tim Uyeki stated "what this suggest is that there can be severe complications associated with this virus infection, especially in severely obese patients. Five of the ten patients had ...evidence of blood clots in the lungs. This has not been previously known to occur in patients with severe influenza virus infections."

Nine of the ten patients suffered multiple organ failure previously seen in influenza however five had blood clots in the lungs and six suffered kidney failure.

The World Health Organization declared the H1N1 flu a pandemic in June of 2009.

Patients do seem to show a better survival rate if they get Tamiflu for longer than a normal five day course of treatment.

The CDC report summarized by stating "The high prevalence of obesity in this case series is striking." There is no doubt that obesity places an individual in severe risks in many health categories including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Our nation's obesity rates are at critical levels which only adds to the concerns expressed by the CDC.

Proper diet and walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day ( 5 miles) has been shown to be an effective preventative measure against obesity. The challenge is finding a method that insures individuals will keep up their exercise. This is one significant advantage to a treadmill desk. Exercise is easy, automatic and cumulative. In 2.5 -3 hours on a treadmill desk an employee can meet their daily minimum exercise goals without taking extra time from their day.