FORGET HEALTH - IT'S THE PRODUCTIVITY! I bought a TrekDesk used one month ago, intending to use it during the 90 minutes or so each morning that I work on writing my fiction projects. In the four weeks prior to setting up the TrekDesk, I averaged 13.31 WPM in writing new material. In the four weeks after starting with the TrekDesk, I increased to 15.66 WPM. The crazy thing is that, far from having to adjust to writing and walking at the same time, my daily logging clearly shows that the faster I walk, the faster I write. At 3.0 MPH, I come close to cracking 20 WPM. Still, just looking at my four-week averages, that's an improvement of 2.35 WPM. Figuring 90-minute sessions 255 days per year, that's an extra 54,000 words of writing each year -- enough for a novel -- just from walking while I write. As for the TrekDesk itself, I find it very comfortable (I'm 6' 0"), sturdy, and stable. You have to really crank on those bolts during setup, but after that I had no trouble. The work surface is more than spacious enough for a laptop, peripherals, papers, drinks, and anything else you might need. Sure, there are cheaper ways to DIY your way to the same solution, but I had the TrekDesk up in under an hour, and it'll be easy to adapt if I ever have to replace my treadmill. As a user, I'm thrilled with the results and have zero complaints.
- WVW (Hillsboro, OR - Amazon 5 Stars)